About OCHA Home Health


OCHA Home Health Services,Corp is Medicare Certified and CHAP Accredited Health Agency located in Miami. The first letters of our name (OCHA) mean Opportune Care with a Holistic Approach! We will be there precisely when you need us and we are 100% committed to providing our patients and their families with the Best Quality Care in the home setting. We take pride of our motto “Lending a Helping Hand to our Community”.

Our agency is family/ RN owned and operated, we personally ensure that our clients receive the best quality of service while we strive to exceed Standards of Care! Our Patient’s our Priority! Our Goal is to provide our clients the satisfaction of receiving the cares the need while staying where they feel more comfortable at, HOME!

We provide the BEST in HOME CARE to patients with a wide variety of medical conditions who need health care services at home while we strive to reduce Hospital Admissions admissions/readmissions and Nursing Home Institutionalization . Our staff is highly qualified to perform assigned duties and tasks.

At OCHA Home Health we are big believers that if we take good care of our team they will provide the best care to our patients. We take employee education seriously as health care is an ever changing industry, we make sure every team member complies with the Standards of Care and Regulations established by the Department of Health, AHCA and the Centers for Medicare/Medicaid and to keep with CHAP’s Standards of Excellence in quality care!

It is OCHA Home Health Services, Corp POLICY that employment and home health services shall be available and shall be rendered to the total population of our area of service regardless of recipient’s race, color, sexual orientation, age, sex, disability, ethnicity, cultural background or national origin.

Established: Feb 12, 2008

Service Areas: Miami-Dade and Monroe counties

License # 299993231

National Provider ID#: 1609039205

Medicare Provider#: 109263

Led by a Registered Nurse who is a woman of Hispanic Heritage.

“Opportune Care With a Holistic Approach”