Physical Therapist Assistant

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Job Description

Services of the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) will be furnished under the supervision of a physical therapist. The PTA performs services planned, assigned, delegated, and supervised by the physical therapist and functions as an active member of the home health team, providing services in accordance with the physician’s orders and shall not exceed any of the duties authorized by the license issued by the State for the practice of physical therapist assistant. Lines of authority and reporting responsibilities: Report to the Director of Nursing/PT Supervisor, Administrator.

Lines of Authority and reporting responsibilites: Report to the Director of Nursing/PT Supervisor, Administrator.


Education and Experience Requirements:

  1. Is licensed by the Florida Physical Therapist Licensing Board to practice as a Physical Therapy      Assistant.
  2. Recommend a minimum of one year of experience in an acute care facility.

General Requirements:

  1. Must have genuine interest and concern for all clients with a special desire to work with the elderly client. Participate in in-services program.
  2. Must be sufficiently mature and emotionally stable to work well with others.
  3. Must possess good physical and mental health.
  4. Must have a clean and neat appearance.
  5. Must be courteous and kind in manner.
  6. Can work harmoniously and skillfully with other staff members, patients, and their families.
  7. Must be flexible and able to tolerate change or changing demands.
  8. Ability to promote the practice of physical therapy to the physicians, community, patients, and their families. This A ludes to the ability to verbally articulate and define physical therapy terminology.


The Physical Therapist Assistant travels to and from, and performs duties in each patient’s home. The climate is not routinely controlled. Occasionally there may be exposure to blood, body tissues, and other potentially infectious fluids. There can be exposure to loud and unpleasant noises, unpleasant odors, unclean homes, and dust. May be subject to hostile and emotionally upset patients, family members, or visitors. The work environment is not controlled by the employee. Road and weather conditions are variable.

Physical Requirements:

    1. Able to speak, read and write English
    2. Able to read assignments, follow directions.
    3. Able to communicate and respond clearly on telephone and respond to patient’s spoken needs.
    4. The ability to physically transfer, lift or assist patients whose average weight is 160 pounds with or without the aid of mechanical devices.
    5. Able to spend 80% of the work shift standing and/or moving about.
    6. Able to walk, climb stairs, stoop, twist, bend, and squat to perform essential job functions.

    This Job Classification will have a Potential risk for Occupational Exposure to Blood and other Potential Infections and body fluids, protective equipment will be provided by our Agency to limit the exposure and will promote self-protection practices in the delivery of Home Health Care, to provide appropriate treatment to home health care workers in the event of exposure incident and to promote compliance with the universal precautions.

    Mental Requirements:

      1. Able to concentrate on detail with frequent interruptions.
      2. Able to follow, complete and remember daily routines and requirements.
      3. Able to comprehend and utilize professional education materials.
      4. Able to cope with the mental and emotional stress of the position

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