Registered Nurse

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Job Description

The Field Registered Nurse who is in the case manager of the Home Health Team is responsible for the nursing care of the patients assigned to them and directs the Home Health Aides in quality patient care. The Field Registered Nurse is responsible for assessing patient and family needs in order to promote the best care the Home Health can give for recovery and rehabilitation. Provide nursing services within the scope of practice authorized by the license issued by the State for a registered nurse.

Lines of Authority and reporting responsibilites: Report to the Director of Nursing/Nurse Supervisor, Administrator.

Job Functions:

  1. Knows the philosophies, purposes, policies and standards of the Home Health and their nursing Service department and provides for their explanation and implementation to the Home Health Aide. Be the case manager in all cases involving nursing and therapy care.
  2. Assesses in depth upon the admission of the patient, the patient’s physical and emotional status. level of competency. home environment, safety factors, family or household member’s ability to assist with care and the need of the patient. These are incorporated into the admission notes. Conducts regular or OASIS assessments accurately, according to instructions in the OASIS Implementation Manual, and corresponding to documentation contained elsewhere in the assessment note.
  3. Help formulates a patient care plan with the goals indicated and the means of implementing the correct procedures to attain these goals.
  4. Records all clinical and progress notes and enters them into the patient’s permanent record files. Be responsible for the clinical record for each patient receiving nursing care.
  5. Weekly reviews the utilization and progress of the patient with the supervisor and attending physician as necessary.
  6. Has knowledge of patient’s condition at all times and informs the physician and/or the Nursing Supervisor immediately of any change in the patient’s condition that warrants attention. Also observes, evaluates, and reports to the physician the patient’s reaction to drugs or treatments, or there are deviations from the plan of care.
  7. Interprets to the patient and family the expectations of the diagnosis and the nature of the treatment consistent with the action and wishes of the physician. Interprets to the social and physical factors in the environment that affect patient care.
  8. Observe and evaluates potential danger of disabling conditions and indicates preventive and corrective measures.
  9. Is responsible for the execution of the physician’s orders and keeps the physician informed of all pertinent information concerning the patient’s condition and response to treatment Gives skills of care to patients.
  10. Extends paramedical services in carrying out the rehabilitative aspects of nursing care.
  11. Obtains laboratory specimens when indicated per MD’s orders.
  12. Meets weekly with Nursing Supervisor for the purpose of discussing nursing care, policies. and future
    planning, and keeps the Supervisor informed of all pertinent information concerning patients and the Home Health Aides.
  13. Assists the Nursing Supervisor in surveying, analyzing, and determining staff requirements for her assigned patients.
  14. Coordinates treatment with Paramedical personnel.
  15. Makes supervisory visits to all assigned Home Health Aides no less than once every two weeks.
  16. Helps the family accept responsibility for providing care. Teaches and supervises family members regarding
    care of the patient.
  17. Assumes the responsibility for orientation of new personnel and participates in inservice training programs.
  18. Schedules her daily itinerary primarily based the Priority of care needed, length of time visits will require, proximity to other patients to be visited and other related factors.
  19. A weekly itinerary is to be projected for regularly scheduled visits. allowing time for new admissions,
    emergency cases, and Home Health Aide introduction.
  20. Must advise the office of any itinerary changes and where she/he can be contacted at all times while in the field. She/he should call the office between 9.00 to 5.00 p.m. each day.
  21. Responsible for the certification and recertification of the Plan of Care.
  22. May assign selected portions of patient care to licensed practical nurses and home health aides, but always retains the full responsibility for the care given and for making supervisory visits to the patient’s home.
  23. Performs other related duties as assigned by the Administrator.

Physical Requirements:

    1. Able to speak, read and write English
    2. Able to read assignments, follow directions.
    3. Able to communicate and respond clearly on telephone and respond to patient’s spoken needs.
    4. The ability to physically transfer, lift or assist patients whose average weight is 160 pounds with or without the aid of mechanical devices.
    5. Able to spend 80% of the work shift standing and/or moving about.
    6. Able to walk, climb stairs, stoop, twist, bend, and squat to perform essential job functions.

    This Job Classification will have a Potential risk for Occupational Exposure to Blood and other Potential Infections and body fluids, protective equipment will be provided by our Agency to limit the exposure and will promote self-protection practices in the delivery of Home Health Care, to provide appropriate treatment to home health care workers in the event of exposure incident and to promote compliance with the universal precautions.

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